Visual Identity & Installation


The Nachtsicht Festival has been around since 2017, takes place at various locations in Stuttgart and supports up-and-coming artists. You have to take a closer look to avoid stumbling over the festival name: in German language you can easily get confused as the festival name is close to Nachtschicht (night shift), Nachsicht (indulgence) and Nachtisch (dessert). But also in English, our playful approach makes sense: to stumble with pleasure.

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We made use of this tongue-in-cheek stumble that appears once you read the festival name for the first time, a casual pause in contemplation, to develop the visual identity for the 2023 edition of the festival: We combined patterns of coach seat covers with inflatable pool toys, which are placed prominently in front of content. And with this trendy website design, we created a crossover that offers a sense of travel and exploration, which is also reflected in the festival's self-image: To go on a journey within Stuttgart, combining art, music, performance, workshops and culinary delights.

The four-tone color scheme and the form concept of inflatable pool toys formed the key elements of the visual identity, which was applied to the website, program booklets, posters and other print products. In addition, a cross-media sticker element was designed to draw attention to highlight information in the respective contexts. As known from casual journeys and coffee trips, we installed the festival center as a kind of travel center — right in the middle of Stuttgart, which formed the starting and meeting point for the traveling public.

The Nachtsicht Festival is curated and produced by the Nachtsicht Kollektiv - Hannah Bickhoff, Christine Koschel, Sophia Sadzakov and Hannah Liya. The website was created together with programmer Timo Rychert.

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Nachtsicht Festival