A summer to unfold


International Summer Festival Kampnagel 2022

After Special Edition (2020) and Togetherness (2021), we also could realize the conception, planning and implementation of the festival garden for the International Summer Festival 2022. While SEMI SEMI was a scenography of the semi-transparent gaze and Togetherness one of a place of longing, a summer to unfold joyfully and literally invites to unfolding what’s there to unfold — both oneself and the summer.

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Inspired by practicable folding buildings and tent construction structures, we combined pop-up architecture with a playful core element - their communal use. In addition to foldable hanging towers as lighting elements and folding shells that can be opened and closed as lounge areas, we built oversized accordions and bellows that invited visitors to participate in a collective music and fog show.

In doing so, we understand our playful approach of placing objects in their folds not only as purposeless play, but above all as easily revivable and sustainable scenography - a space to unfold and pop up, a scenery to fold and easily put down. The scenographic elements, handcrafted on site from textile and construction wood, turned the Avant-Garden, after two years of festivals at a distance, into a playful space for experiencing closeness together. 

As a scenographic concept, we implemented a summer to unfold as part of the 2022 International Summer Festival at Kampnagel in Hamburg, which took place from Aug. 10-28, 2022. Artists and collectives included: Oona Doherty, Kid Koala, Back to Back Theatre, Little Annie, Hercules & Love Affair, Lafawndah, Lotic/Bubbaloo, Kid Koala/Jacques Palminger, Tara Nome Doyle, Port à Port, Indy Johar, Joy Denalane, Sons of Kemet, Marrugeku, Jeremy Nedd & Impilo Mapantsula, Florentina Holzinger, Gus van Sant.

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