Concept Stage / CI

Feel Festival

In collaboration with Katharin Ahrend we created a concept stage, a refreshing take on last year’s edition. We decided to put a mobile twist on common notions of stages as static spaces. We framed the basecamp as a fix merch booth spread around all over the whole festival area.

With a diligent promotion crew wearing branded vests and having trolleys to carry materials and merch, we spontaneously moved on site, handed out flyers and branded lighters. Branding accordingly became a crucial method to actively occupy and claim certain parts of the festival space. We showed and promoted our 2017 MANYFIELD as a stage — present and static, but keeping it in motion. For the duration of a curated performance we transformed on of the existing stages into MANYFIELD by a rather surprising musical act, a skydancer and a minibilboard. We used this procedure as a joyful way to spread MANYFIELD’s philosophy and visual language. MANYFIELD became an ephemeral set up — vividly emerging and tenderly vanishing.

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Visitors were driven to MANYFIELD on site and equipped with our beautiful merch to get into the actually temporarily and spatially limited experiences of „MANYFIELD". On site — on and off.

The fix basecamp was curated as a reminiscence of last year’s stage – keeping the mirrors and LED text boards and adding new visions as actors on the still existing field. We aimed for a rather silent desert that hosts the objects as actors that emerge as intersections of the past and present body of MANYFIELD. New geographies, new media — a yet scattered stage body.

We designed MANYFIELD’s mobile pop-up aesthetics and fix basecamp in the frame of Feel Festival 2017.

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